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"What’s so special about Page’s writing is its delicacy and lightness of tone, as well as its comic sassiness.

She manages to gently mix deep emotion with genuine hilarity"

Aleks Sierz



"Piercingly insightful."

The Stage



"An irresistible, murky new drama from Sarah Page, PUNTS lays bare the power relationships in sex and money."




"This is writing at its absolute finest […]

Put the writing together with this cast and you have a production that should be winning awards hands down."




"Page's script is clever and never banal: when clichés are brought up, it's only so she can wittily challenge and eviscerate."

Broadway World


"PUNTS is a thoughtful and powerful play written by Sarah Page […]

This play has moments when you laugh heartily and moments when a tear will trickle down your face."

Theatre Reviews


 ★★★★ London City Nights     ★★★★ Entertainment Focus 

 ★★★★ The Spy in the Stalls    ★★★★ The National Student 

 ★★★★ Live Theatre UK          ★★★★ Breaking the Fourth Wall

 ★★★★ Londonist                   ★★★★ Paul in London




"Unmissable. THE SWEETHEARTS is not a play that succeeds thanks to any one part, but rather a collection of great writing,

thought-through direction and brilliant casting. It’s a play I plan to recommend to friends who don’t much care for theatre.

I might go again."

Everything Theatre



"A riveting production, a first-rate cast, a strong script, and a credible storyline,

THE SWEETHEARTS provides an insightful look at life on the battlefield.

This is theatre as it should be: absorbing, perceptive, and above all, entertaining."

London Theatre 1



"In its final 10 minutes, the play comes close to touching theatre gold:

those electric moments on stage when the walls fall away and every heart in the house is in the mouth."

The Arts Desk



"THE SWEETHEARTS is an effortlessly immersive piece.

Page has an exceptional gift for dialogue, and each character possesses a unique and intriguing voice."

British Theatre



"Page looks to be a playwright of promise." Everything Theatre 



​"Exceptionally well written and features hilarious, but believable, characters and a plot with a seemingly infinite number of twists and turns.

Page is clearly a writer to look out for." 

One Stop Arts

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